Oil Spill Response Vessel Project

We successfully designed and supplied two cranes c/w an emergency hydraulic power pack unit for a new building Oil Spill Response Vessel to one of our

1000 KN Friction Winch

Tyan Marine designed and supplied 2 sets of 1000 KN | 100 t friction winches which will be used for the ship launching and pulling in a new slipway. T

Commissioning for Deck Cargo Crane

We have sent our engineer to attended the commissioning test work for 2 sets of 25 t / 30 m deck cargo cranes on board ship recently. Then the commiss

25 T x 30 M Deck Cargo Crane

The CCS surveyor attended and passed the 25 T x 30 M deck cargo crane inspection, while all performance met the design requirements of the same.

Debris Collector Crane

We designed and supplied two Debris Collector Cranesfor our clients recently. One of the crane is 8 kn x 6 M and the anotherone is 10 kn x 9 m, both c

2000 KN Towing Winch

We designed and manufactured a towing winch for a new building tugboat. Thesingle wire pulling load is 2000 KN. They were certificated by ABS. It'swat

Mooring Winch

In June 2018, we designed and manufactured 2sets of 80 kN | 8 t mooring winches which will be used on a ship for anchormooring works as an anchor hand

600 kN Mooring Positioning Winch

We designed and manufactured 4 sets of 600 kN | 60 t mooring positioning winches which will be used on a platform for anchor mooring and positioning w

450 KN Cargo Winch

in May 2018, according to ABS rules, we designed and produced 4 sets of 450 kN cargo winches which were used for 1600 T floating crane ship. It be use

12 Trucks Ro-Ro Ferry Project

We have successfully designed and supplied 2 sets of 10 tons hydraulic ramp door winches c/w 2 sets of hydraulic power pack units, 1 set of 22 mm U2 e

60 T Slipway Winch

We designed and manufactured the 60 ton Slipway Winch for our customer. This kind of winch be driven by variable frequency motor, with high speed shaf

60 T Cargo Winch

We designed and manufactured a full-circle slewing crane | cargo winch for offshore. This kind of winch be used for self-lifting marine wind power ins

8 Point Mooring Winch

The 35 tons | 350 KN 8 Point Mooring Positioning Winch Systems be ready to delivery. They are certificated by ABS and will be used for self-elevating

50 T Cargo Winch

Two sets of 50 t Electric Cargo | Lifting Winches for High Speed Rail construction be tested and ready to delivery.

73 U3 Hydraulic Anchor and Mooring Winch Project

This 73 U3 / AM3 Hydraulic Anchor and Mooring Winch be designed and made based on NK class standard, painting works finished and ready to delivery now

200 kN Anchor Winch Project

The CCS surveyor attend the 200 KN Hydraulic Anchor Winch testing works today. Inspected the items of the rated pull load, the overload pull, the pull

After Sales Services for 38 mm U3 Hydraulic Anchor Winch

This hydraulic anchor winch be made by Tytan and served on a Supply Ship for several years, still without any problem at present. Because Tytan put th

Electric Single Windlass Project

Three electric single windlasses finished all testing works on board ship.

Electric Windlass with Wireless Control System Project

Tytan Marine design and supply the electric windlass which be used for a barge with wireless remote control system, and our engineer attending the fie

44 mm U3 Electric Windlass Project

The first 8 sets of 44 mm U3 Electric Windlasses for barges be ready to delivery.