Tytan Marine is a marine crane manufacturer specializing in marine crane design and repair service. We can supply various cranes, including fixed/straight boom cranes, telescopic boom cranes, knuckle boom cranes, folding boom cranes, marine deck cranes, pedestal cranes and offshore cranes.


Commercial Fleet

How to select a marine crane:

1. Do your prefer to a fixed boom, knuckle boom, telescopic boom or folding boom crane?
2. Lifting capacity of the crane.
3. Under what radius to lift the capacity.
4. The maximum boom length.
5. The raising speed or lowering speed with load
6. Power pack for crane be electric, diesel or customer provided?
7. Crane be local controlled, remote controlled or any other custom required control


  • Design standard be based on CCS, BV, ABS, NK, GL, DNV, RINA, RS, IRS
  • Simultaneous operation of two or more functions
  • Various control options
  • 360Âșcontinuous rotation with limits available
  • Heat Treated stainless steel
  • Continuous welding throughout
  • Pedestal interface to suit client requirements
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • All kinematic pair with good lubrication
  • Factory assembled and factory acceptance tested

More Info

Tytan Marine is a custom manufacturer of Cranes. For more product details and price of Cranes for sale (and any others), please contact us at any time. No matter what do you need from Tytan Marine, we prefer to offer it in China.

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