Electric mooring winch be driven by the electric motor, vessels/ships use it for throwing out and pulling in the lines of cable, rope, or rope c/w chain to attach to docks/ships and stop there safely without drifting and moving; otherwise, the winch also has other functions, for example, loading and unloading weights. The winches can also be powered by hydraulic motor or diesel engine. That means, there are also hydraulic mooring winch and diesel mooring winch optional to meet different mooring needs.

Components of Electric Mooring Winch

The main parts of mooring winch comprise electric motor, gear box, mooring drum, warping head (optional), gypsy wheel (for combined mooring winch), clutch unit, brake system(include manual and hydraulic types too), and so on. The electric motor drive the winch drum by gearbox to wind rope or steel wire rope during mooring work, the manual brake is fixed between the motor and input shaft, and the individual hydraulic brake for electric motor is optional based on the owner request.

These marine winches be designed with one or two mooring drums regular.

Pull load at first layer of drum from 5kN to 2000kN.

Power supply be 380v/50Hz or 440v/60Hz normally.

Mooring speed at first layer of drum is 15m/min or custom designed.

GA plan of the winch in below: