Main function of towing winch is towing operation and anchor handling at sea or port. Towing winch is mainly applied in multifunctional marine engineering ships with towing function and tugs engaged in salvage work. It is one of the most important tug equipment.

Towing winch can be arranged with single drum, double drums (horizontal or waterfall arrangement), three drums and so on according to customer’s demand. Also, mechanical spooling or independent spooling device can be deployed.

Tytan Marine could design and manufacture a lot of towing winches based on different request from our clients. Our hydraulic system using imported low-speed large torque motor drive winch, through electro-hydraulic proportional valve, integrated overflow valve, balance valve pressure compensation valve, filling valve and other functions to control winch steering, and optional tension control valve, electric proportional remote control and other functions. Through the specific three-pulley test device (mounting load sensor, encoder) electronic control system to achieve the winch cable length, revenue speed, tension detection, calculation and display. At the same time, according to the electronic control handle signal and real-time detection cable tension value, the main controller uses closed-loop PWM signal to control the flow of electro-hydraulic proportional valve, to achieve the change regulation of winch speed, the user can also choose Automatic mode, through the display cargo tension limit potentiometer to set the constant tension value, realize the automatic adjustment and compensation control of the winch to the cable tension

Technical Parameters:

Drum load: 500kN ~ 3000KN

Nominal speed:≥2.5m/min

Dia. of wire rope:¢40mm ~¢86mm

Rope capacity: 500m ~2500m

Remark: all above technical parameters can be customized.