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Slipway Winch

Slipway Winch

Slipway Winch

Slipway Winch



Slipway Winch:

What is a slipway winch? Normally this kind of winch be used to move ships and boats to and out of the water by the slipway, and it also be called ship launching winch too, on the shipyard or dockyard. And the slipway is usually the inclined surface on which a ship or boat can be built or repaired.

We can design and supply various slipway winch for pulling ship up from water. The winch capacity from 1 ton to 500 ton based on different deadweight of ships or boats, c/w double brakes, with rope guider or not(depends on the customer requirement). The drum can be free for down to sea or river. Tytan is an custom designer and manufacture, so you may prefer one for instance: electric slipway winch, hydraulic slipway winch or even diesel engine driven slipway winch here.

Above pictures are the model of our 25 ton Slipway Winches which we have sent to our client before. The main parameters of it in below:

Power mode: Hydraulic motor driven

Rated pull load at first layer: 250 kN

Pull speed under rated load: 10 m/min

Holding load at first layer: 750 kN

Wire dia.: 38mm

Drum capacity: 400 m(7 layers)

Hydraulic system pressure: 16 Mpa

Hydraulic system flow rate: 280 L/min

Power requirement: 90 kW

Equiped with cable gland.

Equiped with space heater.

Starting method: indirect

With hydraulic brake and clutch.

Local and remote control.

General arrangement plan in below:

More slipway winches for instance, electric motor driven mode in below:


  • Design standard be based on ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, IRS, KR, NK, RINA, RS
  • Hydraulic power
  • Various control options
  • Drive failure braking protection system
  • Continuous welding throughout
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • All kinematic pair with good lubrication
  • Optional warping head with bronze clutch
  • Factory assembled and acceptance tested

More Info

Tytan Marine is a custom manufacturer of Slipway Winch. For more product details and price of Slipway Winch for sale (and any others), please contact us at any time. No matter what do you need from Tytan Marine, we prefer to offer it in China.

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