Ramp door winch normally be used on Truck Ro-Ro Ferry at sea or river for lifting or release the ramp door. And two winches located on the bow, then other two winches at stern on the main deck. One ramp door be controlled by two winches which be working synchronous during throwing out and pulling in lines to attach to docks or undock. Also, there be another choice that use only one winch to control a ramp door instead, but the winch drum should be separated with two parts and with two individual pulling lines. The winches can be powered by hydraulic motor or electric. That means, there are hydraulic ramp door winch and electric ramp door winch optional to meet different needs.

50kN Hydraulic Ramp Door Winch

Rated pull load 50kN.

For lifting ramp doors.

Single drum.

Hydraulic motor driven.

With spooling devices.

Motor with brake.

Manual local control.