Deck Cargo Crane

Deck Cargo Crane

Deck Cargo Crane

Deck Cargo Crane

Deck Cargo Crane



This Deck Cargo Crane is mainly used on the deck of bulk carrier or barge for handing a variety cargo. It's one of the most important equipment in ships.

And the crane with large lifting capacity, convenient manipulation, good braking performance, good impact resistance, safe and reliable, loading and unloading with high efficiency.

System application

1. Hydraulic system

1.1 Closed circuit:

The lifting, luffing and rotary movements of the crane all adopt independent closed-type hydraulic system. The speed and direction are controlled by the direct proportional control of the closed oil pump, and there is no balance valve in the system, which reduces the heat loss. The overall transmission efficiency of closed pump control system can reach 75%, which is much higher than 50% efficiency of open system. The high transmission efficiency and small size of the fuel tank make the structure of the system very compact. As a result of heavy weight direct test closed pump support load, can only talk proportional control, with smooth operation, control accuracy, power loss and other characteristics.

1.2 Open circuit:

Composed of load sensitive variable pump, load sensitive multiplex valve and two-speed motor, through the reasonable configuration of the load memorable system, the variable pump and the high precision load memorable proportional valve are precisely matched to achieve the recent matching of the flow required by the system, thus effectively reducing the system heating phenomenon and saving energy. The load-sensitive electromagnetic proportional valve is controlled by electronic PWM signal, which can accurately control the input flow of each actuator. When multiple actuators act at the same time, the traffic of each actuator is independent of the load.

2. Electric control system:

The electrical system uses the German imported advanced electronic control equipment, carries on the real-time monitoring to the control element input/output data, the feedback, and the intelligent programming control, enhances the system reliability and the security. Equipped with dedicated controllers are more suitable for harsh applications such as maritime. The rolling system adopts the pressure memory function and can realize the high and low speed automatic switching according to the lifting weight university. And try to monitor the pressure comparison at multiple points of the hydraulic system, effectively avoid two lifting hook phenomenon and the danger of pipe explosion, improve the operation comfort and safety of the system.


  • Design standard be based on CCS, BV, ABS, NK, GL, DNV, RINA, RS, IRS
  • Simultaneous operation of two or more functions
  • Various control options
  • 360Âșcontinuous rotation with limits available
  • Heat Treated stainless steel
  • Continuous welding throughout
  • Pedestal interface to suit client requirements
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • All kinematic pair with good lubrication
  • Factory assembled and factory acceptance tested

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