Suez Canal Searchlight Davit

Why we call it Suez Canal Search Light Davit? Because this kind of davit be used for lifting the Search Light during the ship cross the Suez Canal. And the Suez Canal Lamp is a special kind of lamp, the biggest characteristic is double beam. When ships cross the canal, two trailers are needed to tow the ships on the banks on both sides of the canal.

The Suez Canal lamp was specially designed to illuminate the two trailers. In most cases, the Suez Canal lamp is stored in the long wooden compartment of the bow building and is fastened to the Eagle Board in front of the forecastle deck when used.Because the lamp is generally over 100kg, the small boom will be used to tune it out of the sailor's long storage.

Some ships are unprepared for the Suez Canal lamp, temporarily rented when crossing the canal, and need a small derrick to hoist the lamp on board. So if the ships want to cross the Suez Canal, there should be a davit installed on it, and this kind of davit normally be designed with manual, electric or pneumatic power drive during operating works based on different requirement. The lifting capacity from 200 kgs to 2000 kgs(or any other else), the working radius of the davit from 2 m to 4 m(or any other else), it’s a custom designed product. The control local stated or remote with cable.