Marine straight Boom Crane consists of pedestal, boom, hoisting winch, hydraulic cylinder, slewing gear, hook, operation platform etc.

All motions are operated on the platform or operator cabin by the multi-way valve.

The combined activities are exercisable and the rated speed is reduced too.

Design condition heel 5 degree and trim 2 degree.

Slewing range 360 degree.

Crane equips with manual emergency release device and emergency stop device.

Attached model is an 30kN x 8M straight boom crane and details in below:

Safety working load 30kN at 8M.

Working radius from 2 to 8M.

Slewing angle 360 degree.

Hoisting speed 15m/min.

Luffing time 60s.

Hydraulic driven hoisting, hydraulic driven slewing, hydraulic luffing, self-equipped hydraulic station, fully slewing and the load can safely be lowered by manual emergent device.