56 AM3 Engine Driven Windlass

1. Background of the engine driven windlass:

Tytan Marine be required to design and produce a new diesel engine driven windlass for anchor handling purpose on board ship.

2.Design Standard:

The newest CCS standard be required for the windlass, that mean’s our windlass meet the latest specification requirements of CCS Classification Society. The Gypsy/chain wheel & Main Shaft be tested and by CCS before the assembly work. At the same time, the diesel engine, reduction box and gearbox also with CCS certificate to make sure the high quality of final production.

3. Main components:

The windlass contain: one diesel engine, one reduction box, one gearbox, one gypsy/chain wheel, one warping head, manual operated clutch and brake at local, etc.

4. Starting mode:

Electric starting for diesel engine instead of manual starting.

5. Main specification:

Chain Dia.: 56mm(U3/AM3)
Working load: 149kN
Overload pull: 223.4kN
Brake holding load: 1093.5kN
Hoisting speed:≥9m/min
The max depth of anchoring:≤82.5m
Engine power: 56kW
Engine rotate speed: 1500 r/min
Environment temperature: -20'C to +50'C

6. Buyer of the windlass:

This kind of windlass be exported to the Bahrain.

7. GA plan of the windlass: