Deepwater Anchor Mooring Winch Brief Introduction:

Tytan Marine with independent development, design and manufacture platform for the use of large-scale deepwater anchor
mooring winch and its supporting equipment, and we are the largest and most comprehensive strength of the products in domestic industry.

The marine floating body usually be used with the multi point or the radiant mooring winch system in the positioning operation, and the anchoring mooring position is a common positioning method, which has the characteristics of simple structure,
high reliability and good economy.

Technical characteristic:

The anchor mooring winch body and the transmission device have compact structure, split-style design facilitates disassembly and maintenance, the workload can reach 1/3 of the breaking load of the chain, the brake support load to reach the anchor chain broken load, to adjust the speed of the anchor according to the load size adjustment, the use of hydraulic braking to control the anchoring speed, high-power inverter motor drive technology stepless speed regulation, to meet the actual operation of the anchor, stainless steel waterproof machine next to the console: the use of LCD screen monitoring, real-time detection of the working state of the anchor machine; remote monitoring be use of Fieldbus, RS422 communication protocol and industrial ethernet communication technology to achieve timely and reliable data transmission, real-time display.

Technical Parameters:

Chain dia.: Φ50~Φ127
Chain standard: R3:≤Φ127,R4:≤Φ92,R5:≤Φ84
Working load: ≤2700kN
Nominal speed: 9m/min~50m/min
Brake holding load: ≤8500kN
System power: 250kW ~ 800KW
Configuration: single sprocket wheel, doublesprocket wheels, triplesprocket wheelsor foursprocket wheels.
Driven type: variable frequency motor or hydraulic motor.
Control: local and centralized monitoring display.

Main Function:

Adjust the anchor chain accurately when anchoring.
The anchor chain can be released quickly when anchored.
The preload of the anchor chain has a very high tensile force, with a load sensor, through the control can adjust the cable tension.
When sailing or towing, the emergency anchorage can be released.