900 KN Anchor Mooring Winch:

1.Background of the 900 kN Anchor Mooring Winch

There’s a 300 persons accommodation barge need an electric anchor mooring winch system to be installed.

2.Design standard:

This anchor mooring winch follow the newest CCS standard to design and fabrication.

3.Main Components:

The winch system composed of electric motor, reducer, master control box, electromagnetic brake, main gear, pinion, main shaft, hydraulic power pack unit, hydraulic brake and clutch, etc.

4.Main specification:

Rated pull load: 900 kN

Nominal pull speed (1st layer): 900kN @ 8 m/min

Pull speed under light load (1st layer): 18 m/min

Brake holding load: 1500 kN

Electric motor power: 160 kW

Drum capacity: 50 mm x 1200 m for each drum

5.GA plan of the winch: