Anchor Mooring Winch

Anchor Mooring Winch

Anchor Mooring Winch



900 KN Anchor Mooring Winch:

1.Background of the 900 kN Anchor Mooring Winch

There’s a 300 persons accommodation barge need an electric anchor mooring winch system to be installed.

2.Design standard:

This anchor mooring winch follow the newest CCS standard to design and fabrication.

3.Main Components:

The winch system composed of electric motor, reducer, master control box, electromagnetic brake, main gear, pinion, main shaft, hydraulic power pack unit, hydraulic brake and clutch, etc.

4.Main specification:

Rated pull load: 900 kN

Nominal pull speed (1st layer): 900kN @ 8 m/min

Pull speed under light load (1st layer): 18 m/min

Brake holding load: 1500 kN

Electric motor power: 160 kW

Drum capacity: 50 mm x 1200 m for each drum

5.GA plan of the winch:


  • Design standard be based on CCS
  • Electric driven
  • Continuous welds throughout
  • Local control and remote control
  • Driven failure braking protection system
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • Unit with good lubrication
  • Factory assembled and acceptance tested
  • CCS tested
  • Two winches share one hydraulic power pack unit for hydraulic brake and clutch operation

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Tytan Marine is a custom manufacturer of Anchor Mooring Winch. For more product details and price of Anchor Mooring Winch for sale (and any others), please contact us at any time. No matter what do you need from Tytan Marine, we prefer to offer it in China.

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