Anchor handling winch and Anchor winch are the professional winches installed on vessel/ship deck for anchoring when vessel/ship need to stop at anchorage ground. Anchor handling winch is a necessity for all vessels and boats. It’s power supply can be manpower, electric motor, diesel engine or hydraulic power pack etc. Dia. of anchor chain from φ12.5 to φ162mm, Working speed around 10 m/min.

Configuration of the anchor handling winch normally be designed with single drum or double drum(waterfall type), as it be designed with drum instead of gypsy wheel, so the steel wire ropes will instead of the anchor chains, but there’s still 1 length (27.5m anchor chain) reserved to be connect both anchor and wire rope. Also a warping end is optional too if necessary. Based on different requirement, we manufacture these winches with local control or c/w remote control too.

300 kN Anchor Handling Winch

Rated pull load: 300kN.

Nominal mooring speed: 15 m/min.

Cable dia.: 42 mm for 78 mm U3 stud anchor chain.

Wire rope capacity of drum: 550m.

Motor power: 145 kW.

Single drum.

With spooling devices.

Hydraulic brake and clutch.

Local and remote control.

Starting method: indirect

Hydraulic Power pack under main deck.

Class certificate: BV

GA plan of 300 kN Anchor Handling Winch

Buyer of the winch: Netherlands