Electric Anchor Windlass

Electric Anchor Windlass be driven by electric motor, vessels/ships use it for throwing out and pulling in the lines of anchor chains to attach to anchorage ground, and stop there safely without drifting and moving. When vessels/ships need to be loading or unloading at port, but there are other vessels/ships comes early, then the vessel/ship should throwing out the anchor chains which be connected with the anchor to sea bottom, that means the vessel/ship have to stop there and waiting for a while. So, it’s very important for a vessel/ship to be installed a highly quality electric anchor windlass.

Components of Electric Anchor Windlass

Main Parts of electric anchor windlass comprise electric motor, gear box, gypsy wheel, main shaft, warping head(optional). The windlass can be powered by hydraulic or diesel engine, so there are also hydraulic anchor windlass and diesel anchor windlass optional to meet different needs.