Hydraulic Windlass



Hydraulic Windlass

1. Background for the project:

Recently Tytan Marine won the contract to supply all the deck machinery(cranes, windlasses, winches, etc) for three new sea ships building.

2. Design Standard:

These three ships be designed and builded under NK class, so the windlass be required with newest NK regulation.

3. Configuration:

This kind of windlass be designed with one gypsy / chain wheel for anchor handling, one mooring drum and one warping head for mooring works.

4. Main components:

The windlass contains one hydraulic motor, one main gear and one pinion, one main shaft, two manual brakes and two manual clutches, etc.

5. Arrangement on ship:

Two windlasses be installed on the bow of ship, and one is right hand then another one is left hand with symmetrical design. And two windlasses share one hydraulic power pack unit.

6. Main Specification:

-Gypsy wheel part

Chain dia. : 36 mm Grade 2

Max. anchoring depth: 82.5 m

Safety working load: 55.1 KN

Over load: 82.7 KN

Brake holding load: 329 KN

Nominal speed:≥9 m/min

-Mooring drum part

Working load: 30 KN @ first layer of rum

Brake holding load: 90 KN @ first layer of drum

Nominal speed: 15 m/min @ first layer of drum

Drum capacity: 40 mm x 160 m

-Warping head part

Warping load: 20 KN

System working pressure: 15 Mpa

System flow: 75 L/min

Electric motor power: 18.5 KW 440 / 60HZ

7. Owner of the windlass:

These hydraulic windlasses be exported to Japan.

8. GA plan of the windlass and hydraulic power pack unit:


  • Design standard be based on NK
  • Electric motor driven
  • Continuous welds throughout
  • Various control options
  • Driven failure braking protection system
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • Unit with good lubrication
  • Factory assembled and acceptance tested

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Tytan Marine is a custom manufacturer of Hydraulic Windlass. For more product details and price of Hydraulic Windlass for sale (and any others), please contact us at any time. No matter what do you need from Tytan Marine, we prefer to offer it in China.

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