Reel Drive System

Reel Drive System

Reel Drive System

Reel Drive System

Reel Drive System



Tytan designs and supply a wide range of standard and custom-built reel drive system, and it also be called as reel driven winch or spooling winch system in different countries.

What is a reel drive system? it be available for cable | wire rope | hawser and flexible pipe laying activities. And it be designed for safe, reliable and efficient operations in challenging marine and offshore environment, and for easy and fast mobilization the option of a modular design is available.

Range of reel drive systems available:

System drive mode: electric motor driven or hydraulic motor driven, even diesel engine driven too.

Reel weight: up to 400 t

Reel diameter: up to 15 m

Option of modular and road transportable system

Each reel drive system can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Above pictures for 30 t hydraulic reel drive system, and it consists of base, wall frame, reel shaft, oil cylinder, open gear, sliding and fixing mechanism, auxiliary hydraulic pump pack unit and other components of hydraulic system.


  • Design standard be based on CCS, BV, ABS, NK, GL, DNV, RINA, RS, IRS
  • Adjustable for a wide range of reels based on different requirement.
  • Modular design available
  • Controls linked with vessel DP
  • Skidding fully loaded reels
  • Low maintenance without greased surfaces

More Info

Tytan Marine is a custom manufacturer of Reel Drive System. For more product details and price of Reel Drive System for sale (and any others), please contact us at any time. No matter what do you need from Tytan Marine, we prefer to offer it in China.

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