Mooring Positioning Systems

Mooring Positioning Systems

Mooring Positioning Systems

Mooring Positioning Systems

Mooring Positioning Systems



What is a mooring positioning system? It’s a system that keep marine structures or vessels in designated waters, limiting the external forces to change the state of a ship or structure to maintain its position in a predetermined position, so as to reduce the downtime caused by excessive movement, such as drilling rigs, drilling vessels, etc by use of anchors, anchor cables and mooring chains. The ship and the marine structure mainly adopt the anchoring position and the dynamic positioning method to guarantee the stability of the sea construction. Compared with the dynamic positioning, anchoring positioning has the advantages of less investment, convenient maintenance and high security. Therefore, the mooring system is widely used in marine structures and engineering ships.

Mooring Positioning system classification:

According to the number of contact points between the mooring line and the hull, the mooring system can be divided into single point mooring system, two point mooring system and multi point mooring system.

Single point mooring | positioning system:

Single point mooring (SPM ) system is a widely used anchoring method. In practice, the ship or ocean structure can rotate freely around a single axis, so that the mooring system with the lowest wind, wave and flow resistance is the single point anchoring system.

At present, the terminal equipment of loading and unloading crude oil mainly uses catenary single point mooring system to locate super large oil tanker, which is the representative product of cable single point mooring system, and the technology is very mature.

Two point mooring | positioning system:

The two point mooring system is a bow stern anchoring mooring system which is completed by a ship or floating body through 2 single anchor leg buoys. Its biggest characteristic is that it can omit the rotary joint in the single point anchoring, and the whole system can adopt the traditional components of domestic design and construction. The disadvantage is that the ship to maintain a fixed direction, can not rotate, the ship is difficult to withstand strong lateral environmental forces, so this system is only suitable for natural conditions mild or external load direction of a single ocean engineering. In some project engineering, two point mooring system can be used to supplement and replace the single point mooring system.

Multi point mooring | positioning system:

Multi-point mooring systems are often used in situations where the location with high requirement or the location place is very small, like in offshore and semisubmersible lifting platform, etc.

Multi-point mooring system types include: multi-buoy mooring, more used in shore berthing, extended mooring, mostly for mobile drilling device positioning, its realization is to the surrounding area of the drilling device to throw multiple mooring lines. Multi-point anchoring system is often used to locate and shift the ship in the pipeline when it is operating at sea or river. We produce 4 point mooring winch, 6 point mooring winch, 8 point mooring winch, 12 point mooring winch for our clients based on different requirement.

Our mooring positioning systems are installed on a lot of vessels operating in the offshore industry all over the world. We have also provided to our customers all necessary components, from power packs to anchors, etc.


  • Design standard be based on CCS, BV, ABS, NK, GL, DNV, RINA, RS, IRS
  • Electric or hydraulic driven mode
  • Various control options
  • Drive failure braking protection system
  • Continuous welding throughout
  • Epoxy zinc rich primer marine coating
  • All kinematic pair with good lubrication
  • Optional warping head with bronze clutch
  • Factory assembled and acceptance tested

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