Cranes bodies are produced form special marine steel construction and finishing can be epoxy painted. Cranes Up and down and telescopic movements cylinders are produced from stainless steel. Crane body is foldable so less spaces are needed for mounting and big loads can be handled easily. Hydraulic power unit can be located both inside of the crane body or to an external space. Remote control unit with cable is located on the body of the crane.

According to design features can be produced in two or three segments and even more.

Tytan Marine can supply different slewing angles (90°, 180°, 270°, 360°) in line with customers requirement. Special and custom designs requests are well received. All our cranes are tested with 125% (25% overload test) load in factory before delivery.

20kN x 10M Marine Folding Crane

The folding boom crane is a kind of 360 degree rotary and good performance marine crane.

It's simple and riliable operation, flexible rotating, compact structures, high work efficency, etc.