Project background: The Yangtze River segment of the annual flood season, upstream of the floats will be a large number of winding on the beacon fixed wire rope, resulting in the beacon can not work or even washed away by the current. The scene is as follows:

A large number of floats entangled in the beacon fixed wire rope, resulting in no visible navigation. Staff cleanup operations under rain or shine, and the life safety can not be guaranteed.

Waterway workers risked their lives to clean up the floats and escort the Yangtze River to and from ships. The leader of the waterway Bureau, in line with the principle of reducing staff labor intensity and reducing operational risk, initiated this project.

Our multi-function cranes has the following multi-purpose:

1. Transshipment of waterway materials, and the load not less than 300 kgs:

With below hook-hanging mechanism the max. lifting load will be 750 kgs:

2. Be for auxiliary anchor lifting, and setting the fairway buoy with the hydraulic grab joint as below:

3. Remove the winding objects such as large area rope and grass on the steel wire by a hydraulic grab joint like following:

4. Quickly clipping the entanglement with hydraulic shear joint like below:

5. Cutting of entangled objects such as dried trees and round wood with a hydraulic saw as below:

Based on different situation, our crane with different joints(like: hydraulic grab, hydraulic shear and hydraulic saw) to finish the jobs. And the max. working radius is 6 m, then the max. lifting load at 6 m is 3 kN(300 kgs).

This equipment greatly frees up manpower while ensuring the safety of personnel. So now all the buoy tenders in the Yangtze River will be fitted with our multi-function cranes.