Pipe Handling Davit Crane

The pipe handling davit crane system be used for horizontal and vertical pipe operation works for seabed pipeline on the Pipelay barge. And it’s one of the most important equipment of the pipelay barge. The system consists of six davits with the same tension capacity, and with a centralized remote control unit for all operation functions. We can design and supply electric or hydraulic driven pipe handling davit cranes based on different requirement of our clients.

Main component of pipe handling davit crane

  • Hoisting Winch
  • A frame with hook block
  • Hydraulic power pack unit(if choose hydraulic model)
  • Centralized remote control unit

How to design the pipe handling davit crane?

1) According to hull parameters of pipelay barge, calculate the ship's rail crane and the number of the rated lifting capacity by using Marine engineering specialized software “offpipe”, etc. Then we can do the preliminary design the pipe handling davit crane based on the results.

2) With the structural strength finite element analysis software “Ansys” to analyze of the forced state of the pipe handling crane main body framework, and optimization of frame structure.

3)Make a detailed design, according to the result of stress analysis of structure strength finite element analysis software “Ansys” and the construction requirement of pipe handling crane on pipelay barge.

4) Centralized remote control unit of the pipe handling crane include: electric schematic diagram, MCU, circuit simulation, control cabinet processing production, microcontroller programming, debugging.